Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day Two - Friday, August 22

Day Two for the festival, but day one for us. We just got our tickets despite having gotten the catalogue last Sunday - having an out-of-town friend visiting until Thursday kept us busy! No fears, all our choices were still available. Cinemoo couldn't do the usual Saturday morning first-in-line for tickets this year, either.

To Verdener (Worlds Apart)
Niels Arden Oplev - Denmark - 108 min.
Danish, eng. sub.
Trailer (in Danish with no subtitles)

Official website
FFM website
How does one reconcile normal human desire with restrictions artificially imposed by a religion? Sara is a 17 year old who’s falling in love for the first time – with a non-believer. Coming from a Jehovah’s Witness family, one troubled by divorce, she is a harsh critic of her mother, for having not forgiven her father for his transgressions, even though he has repented. She soon finds herself on the other side of the fence – threatened with expulsion and therefore cut-off from contact with the rest of her family. Her boyfriend’s challenges to her ability to think for herself and not blindly follow doctrine confuse her, and while she wants to be happy with him, she wants to remain in contact with her family. The church elders have other ideas, and Sarah must ultimately choose between a life that includes her family, who will only interact with her if she follows their doctrine, and one of living free, but alone. Based on a true story, a nuanced dramatization of what happens when blind faith, imposed by rote, runs headlong into a mind that sees past hypocrisy and fear.

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